Marketing Campaign

For Ensuring Audience from Entire South
Asia for the International Expo


Construction, Power & Energy and Water: these are the most vital factors for an emerging economy like Bangladesh as well as the entire South Asia.

CEMS, will apply its full expertise of 27 years to carry out extensive marketing campaigns in these major industries in Bangladesh and other South Asian hubs of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan to promote Build Bangladesh Int’l Expo 2021.

CEMS will personally meet and invite official delegations from related Industry Associations of these countries to make the event a resounding success. CEMS will also provide B2B platform for industry stakeholders.

CEMS professional teams and its own offices in over 6 countries will support the Marketing Campaign and give all out efforts with Direct Mails, Advertisements in leading Newspapers and Trade publications of each countries, Fax and Email Campaigns, Internet marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Site Marketing, Electronic Media Promotion, Brochure, Leaflet, Flyer, Poster, Tele Marketing, Press Conference before the event, and promotions at related Industry events.

We will work for you to bring unlimited business opportunities at your doorstep in Build Bangladesh Int’l Expo 2021.

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